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E-liquid flavors review

Provape by far has some of the nicest, most true to its name e-juice flavors available on the market, specifically in the fruits and sweets department.


For starters, White Grape is a recommended e-juice that’s VG, or produced with vegetable-oil, making it safer and more likely to produce smooth, large vape clouds without risking burnt coils or burnt-like after-taste. For those committed to a truly tobacco-like experience with vaping, then the Tobacco Lovers Bundle is definitely a premium e-juice worth trying out! It is worth noting however, that for dripping and sub-ohming that this is not an optimal e-juice, and it’s also been reported to not have the most wick-friendly compounds.

Cherry Cola is a really nice e-juice provided by Provape, although is reported to have a bit of a citrus-like aftertaste, so the choice is yours, if you’re into it.

Contrary to the cigars imagery, Havana Gold Tobacco e-juice is a bright, very bold flavor e-juice that’s great for tobacco lovers! It’s definitely comparable to a Turkish-like blend, while producing more than your basic sized ‘vape clouds’ and providing a nice, clean throat hit.

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If you’re interested in exploring some more popular brands, then Pom Strawberry and Simply Vanilla are both very popular, sweet, true-to-taste e-juices that will really get you ‘buzzing’. Simply Vanilla is infused with cupcake like flavors and is said to both produce great throat hits, as well as being quite desirable for sub-ohming, and quite simply TASTY around the 30w margin.

Provari V2.5 Mini e-cigarette starter kit

provari starter kit review

ProVape Provari Mini V2.5 starter kit includes:

– 1 Provari Mini e-cig with a 510 connection, satin silver finish color

– 1 Aspire Nautilus + Tank Ring

– 2 18350 batteries

– 1 battery charger

ProVari Mini (3.48″) with digital display lets you to adjust voltage 2.9 – 6.0 volts with step 0.1 volt. This allows to select settings for atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid. Shipping time: 3-5 days


13 thoughts on “ Provari V2.5 3 e-cig e-liquid reviews coupon free shipping code

  1. Martin

    I do own a Provape1 and I concur, their products are built like a tank, yes they are expensive but, specifically the provape1 has lifetime warranty, good luck finding that in another PV. It’s more expensive than other 3.7v mods but to me is the best.

  2. Jimmy

    I love my Provari. Some people worry about the one button but after about 30 seconds you get proficient and after a few days you start loving it (at least i did). It has an elegance of minimalism that is similair to say apple products. It has very good craftsmanship. Some people do not like the weight but for me I could only see it ever being a problem if you wanted to have it in your shirt pocket. I have the version 2 and I have not had any problems with overloading amps etc. Simply put if you can only have one then I would say it must be the Provari with the extended cap for the 18650 batteries. I’m not a fan boy type but I do have preferences. This is a high quality product. This would be a GOD mod if you could set the watts to automatically adjust for the ohms of your carts etc.

  3. Larry81

    I can absolutely assure that buying a Provari is worth every single penny. It’s simple why: Provari in combination with a Tank/Carto setup just will work every single time you press the button. There is no “wow that was a nice hit” and the next one won’t be as good. The first puff as ronda already pointed out will be exactly the same like the last one. Especially the neat functions like reading ohms, battery warning, safety functions etc make it really awesome. Furthermore, I found out that different liquids have different sweet spots (read: voltage settings). It’s just amazing and I became a huge fan of this device because it will never let you down. I got a normal (no mini) Provari v2 with a Phiniac tank (+ refiller kit. ITS AMAZING for refilling tanks!!) and stainless boge singles. Every morning it’s just: fill up tank -> vape all day long without any issues. Additionally, I was worried about the size. For me it’s absolutely perfect and is nice to hold.

  4. SuzyQ

    I bought a Provari because I really wanted something well built , consistent vape , good warranty and esthetically pleasing. After doing lots of research and watching lots of video reviews .. Knew the Provari was for me. I’m still quite a newbie but I know I love my Provari. I hear about a lot of new fancy vw mods out now but the Provari is just what I need for now and perfect for me.

  5. DaveP

    The Provari is a solidly machined stainless steel mod with rock solid, accurate electronics that can drive your atomizer coil to 3.5 amps in .1 volt increments. It will accurately display the voltage on one of the inline voltmeters you see from vendors, unlike many of the PWM devices on the market.

    It’s a USA warranted product backed with a one year warranty. After the warranty, you can send it back for repair at reasonable rates, eliminating the need to re-purchase if your mod fails.

  6. MaDeuce

    I received my ProVari-Mini yesterday and mated it with my Z-Atty after watching Zen’s video and all I can say is…. AMAZING!!!! This thing hits like a freight train. After some minor voltage tinkering I found that proverbial “sweet spot”. Outstanding flavor and perfect temperature. The great thing thing I have found is this, although the initial draw is a little loose, if you hang with it for just a split second longer, the throat hit is incredibly powerful. It actually made me cough. Excellent craftsmanship and made in the U.S.A. Wonderful product ProVape, well worth every penny.

  7. raqball

    I had several pre-order questions and I used their ticket system. Got a fast, friendly and knowledgeable response. Follow up emails were also answered quickly and competently.

    Placed an order for a ProVari Mini and a Z Atty Pro on Thursday, July 4th. The order shipped quickly on Friday, July 5th and was delivered on Monday, July 8th.

    The order arrived with the correct items and was packaged well.

    No complaints whatsoever and am 100% pleased with the service and items that I received.

  8. Foebea

    First impressions, this is not just a battery shell. At least as much improved over mechs with Rba as those are above a basic blu style cartomizer. I didn’t even realize that such a gap exists. The performance of the atomizer (Phoenix Rba) is perfectly smooth, as compared to running on silver bullet or omega. I can only describe it as a professional level device.

    I wish I had known about it years before. If you have a chance to try it out sometime, I recommend it.

  9. rooster007

    Just bought a Provari fs polished version with extension cap and running 18650’s in her. Really awesome mod. I just got into cartos last week and can really tell the difference on this gal. Been vaping all day and she’s hitting just like she did when I dropped the first full battery in her. No sluggish fall off!

  10. lvm111

    Got a Provari last week, and another order of extra batteries today. Fast order processing. Fast shipping. Excellent packaging. Couldn’t ask for more. Highly recommend!

    best regards, larry mac

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