Vladimir Putin about Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes

Putin about electronic smokeless cigarettes

Since rising to power in Russia, the leaders of the new format. Attitude towards the promotion of healthy lifestyle, has reached  a new level. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia has taken decisive steps that would reduce the number of smokers in the country. For example October 12, Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Ministers of the Council banned smoking for of ministers, arguing as follows: “When you smoking you give a bad example and you have to unlearn the habit.” Going in this direction in 2011 legislation banned tobacco advertising, and by 2015 – are planning to ban smoking in public places.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also supports the Prime Minister in the fight against addiction. “We have 50% of the country-smokers. This is the highest figure in the world. Of these, two thirds of the male”, the president said. In continuation of this, ordered the government to learn from the experience of anti-smoking people in other countries, and develop a package of measures to reduce the proportion of smokers in the country.

At the youth forum, on the shores of the Lake Seliger, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, were presented, advertised youth innovation, one of which was an electronic cigarette. He studied in detail the new device (electronic cigarette). Vladimir Putin said “This project is interesting that such a cigarette does not produce tobacco smoke, thereby not being a danger to society. And if you take into account that the electronic cigarette allows smokers to give up cigarettes – can be considered the product, a breakthrough in anti-smoking ”

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The electronic cigarette was invented in China by Ruyan, the device was first demonstrated in 2003 at an exhibition of goods for health in Hong Kong. The first electronic cigarettes are not sufficiently reliable, produced very little vapor. It took about 3 more years until the designers and engineers were able to get closer to what we observe today. Electronic Cigarette (some models, such as M-7) in appearance does not differ from regular cigarettes. A performance to exceed initial samples of dozens of times. On the Ukrainian market for the first time electronic cigarettes were introduced by SMOORE Ukraine, in 2008. Since then, the popularity of electronic cigarettes is growing every year. Statistics by our company in 1426 surveyed people, 426 people believe that electronic cigarettes are needed that would give up smoking, yet confident 590 – electronic cigarette is an alternative, conventional tobacco cigarettes and the safest way to continue to smoke, causing the least harm to their health. Only 207 people consider the electronic cigarette as useless thing. The remaining respondents, about 111 people, no smoking, 91 – e-cigarette compared with hookah, for the opportunity to smoke cartridges taste effects.

Despite the fact that not all experts were of the opinion that the electronic cigarette relieves the health of the smoker. The number of supporters of electronic cigarettes, including famous politicians, artists, scientists, doctors and experts over many times, the number of opponents, fueling his interest in financial dependence on tobacco companies, which in turn are seen in the electronic cigarettes a powerful competitor, is gaining momentum with each passing year .

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Governments of countries where the tobacco lobby has a large influence – legally banned cart and selling electronic cigarettes in their country. However, judging by the positive reviews of Vladimir Putin, in the near future, Russia will spread widely fashionable trend of smoking electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco.

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