Review of Artery Nugget X Kit

artery nugget

‘Pound for pound’ is a ranking that is usually reserved for combat sports. The top pound for pound fighter is not always the biggest but is the one who performs the best regardless of weight class.

For vaping kits, the new Artery Nugget X Kit has the potential to be one of the pound for pound greats.

Like the Super Saiyan Vegeta, the X kit is small but powerful. Let’s take a closer look at this bad boy.

The Tale of the Tape

It’s over 9000! We apologize for another Dragonball reference. But the Nugget X does have some pretty impressive stats:


At 36.6mm x 23mm x 58mm, the X model is among the smallest mini kits available in the market today. It is slightly larger than the original nugget but smaller than the nugget V.2 by 2mm in length.

Just to give you an idea of how ridiculously small the Nugget X is, the whole kit is smaller than your average 100 ml vape juice bottle.


This new Artery Nugget X model from Artery can output from five to fifty watts of power. Not very impressive?

Remember, we are talking about power for size. Of course, larger sized kits can deliver more power. But for kits that are less than 60mm in length, fifty watts is respectable.


A fighter that relies only on power will be outboxed by someone who knows when to strike and when to dodge. For vape mods, how the power is adjusted and delivered is a key factor to a satisfying inhalation.

The flexibility of the Artery Nugget X is one of its defining features. You can switch from wattage to voltage mode like other vari volt mods. It also has a bypass mode.

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Temperature control settings let you choose among Ni200, titanium, SS316, or TCR. It also has an overcharge, overheat, and shortcircuit precautions built in.

For a little mod, the X model fires fast to give you a good flavor.


The Artery Nugget X Kit must have trained at high altitudes. It has a very impressive 2000 mAh battery which is double the capacity of the original nugget.

Suffice it to say, you can have a full day of vaping with this little monster.

It uses a micro-USB charging port with a 1.5A quick charge feature.

Artery Nugget X Aesthetics

This mini comes in three colors: gold, red, and black. It has a mirror accent on opposite sides that keeps the strip screws hidden. Overall, the model looks nice and neat.

This new nugget model has improved the menu window with a larger screen. The menu system is much simpler to allow seamless one-hand operation.

The weight feels just right in your hand. It is comfortable to hold with its ergonomic shape and size.

The Judges’ Scorecard

Is this new Artery model a champion? We think so. We believe that the Artery Nugget X belongs in the top pound for pound list of vape mod kits.

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