Review: Suorin Air Kit

suorin air

Are you looking for the a stylish, yet compact vaping device? Do you need something lightweight, yet offers you the convenience of an all-in-one kit? Look no further than the new Suorin Air Kit.

The most important factors of this device include its original design, the specifications of the kit, and its usability. Check out our review to see how it measures up!

The Aesthetics

Its 8 millimeter thickness gives the Suorin Air a unique design that sets it apart from other vaping devices. It makes it much thinner and sleeker, adding to its portability. It’s slim enough to easily slide into just about any pocket.

Another point of its unique design is the lack of a conventional mouthpiece. Instead, you’ll draw in vapor from one of the top corners of the device.

There is a small power switch on the bottom of the Suorin Air, as well as a USB charge port. The cartridge slides into the slot in the battery case, and it’s refillable, so you can just replace the e-liquid for as long as the cartridge lasts. At some point, it will need to be replaced, but this design is far more convenient than the non-refillable systems.

You can customize your device by choosing between Gunmetal Grey, Gotti Gold, Ruby Red, Deep Blue, Pink Pearl, Metallic Silver, and Super Stealth Black.

Overall, the aesthetics of the Suorin Air are perfect for anyone who wants an inconspicuous vaping device, or wants to try a unique design.

The Specifications

The 88 x 45 x 8 millimeter device comes in a chic, white cardboard box with the logo painted in a metallic font. The packaging is not unlike when you buy a new phone, adding to the chic aesthetics.

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Inside, you’ll find the Suorin battery, one refillable cartridge, a USB cable, and the user manual. While many kits carry at least one extra cartridge, this one does not. Users may want to purchase more cartridges ahead of time, to anticipate when they’ll inevitably need to replace the only one included in this kit.

Another disappointing aspect is the lack of any e-liquid. Make sure not to use your new device without first filling up your cartridge, or you will ruin it, and possibly even damage your device. Novice vapers without a decent storage of extra e-liquid at home may be let down that the kit is not exactly ready to go.

The Usability

Of course, the downfall of a small device is largely in its battery life. The battery only packs a punch of 400 mAh. You won’t get a full day’s use out of it, especially if you’re a heavy vaper, but that’s the cost of a super stealth device.

If you’re using this at work, however, you can keep your Suorin on its USB charger while you run around, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about running out of battery life. You can even keep it charging in your car. There is an indicator that shows how much battery you have left, so it’s all about awareness and preparation.

With only 16 watts of output, you won’t be billowing clouds of vapor, but it’s just right for a fresh ex-smoker. To activate the device, you’ll have to pull tight on the mouthpiece, which won’t be enjoyable for those looking for something airy. Everyone has their preferences!

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Suorin Air and More

Like any vaping kit, the Air might not meet all the criteria of your ideal vaping device. No vaping kit is perfect, but rather, a vaper finds the one that meets most of their needs.

If you’re looking to explore other vaping devices on the market, stop by our website and read some more reviews!

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