Smoktech Gripper VV 18650 Review

Smoktech Gripper vv
The new VV Gripper has arrived and is a product of Smoktech. It adds to the increasing arsenal of the company’s E-Cig related products that the consumers use. It is a very light weight thing. It is a great alternative of the tube style APV that is popular. It comes with reasonable price as well. The product is made of plastic and a rubber coating is there on the outside. That makes is easy to hold and the design indicates the product is cheap but everything is so delicately put into place that it seems very much part of the design.

There is an On/Off switch and a voltage setter on one side of the product. This Gripper has LED display. The atomizer is a standard 510 and the fire button is located next to it. The bottom slide door opens the battery section up.

The operating system is simple as I have noticed. Pressing the power button five times triggers the device. Initially it shows the voltage count then it switches to battery life. The design of the Gripper VV is so nice that it is actually comfortable using the whole thing. The fire button requires just the right push to be activated and it can be held comfortably in a closed hand.

The Gripper performs quite well actually. I noticed that there is a voltage drop but when you use low resistance customizers paired with high voltage only then the drop becomes evident. Otherwise the output of the voltage is identical. It has a capacity of delivering a great veep no doubt. There is also the battery life to speak about. It is simply great since the battery is one 18650. It ensures long battery life. The battery is quite efficient and the device doesn’t heat up during use so it is an advantage for all of us. The device is lightweight and easy to carry in a case. The case is designed in such a way that it doesn’t get powered on accidently.

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