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Lavatube v2 e cig

The Lavatube 2.0 is the improved package of the Lava Tube Electronic Cigarettes. The new one presents itself in blue. No doubt that it is a vibrant color. The volcano has shocked the world when they released electronic Cigarettes to compete with ProVari on a low price even with a full kit. This package works just fine. The old Lavatube has been improved and presented in a newer, fresher and in a more comfortable way. But one thing that lava tube lacks is the display that provari uses to show the resistance of the attachments. Lavatube cannot display the attachments. The makers seem to fix that glitch as well with the latest one. The new version shows the resistance of the attachments and it has a higher amperage allowing firmware. The number is 3.0 amps.

For those of you who are worrying about the price, there is nothing to be worried. The latest version of Lavatube uses the same kit which the earlier one used. So, older Lavatube users will not have to purchase extra bits of attachments that come along.

If one carefully calculates, he will find that Lavatube 2.0 will be allowing him to use low resistance atomizers along with dual coil customizers. That will allow the product to produce 13.5 Watts of Vapor. The Provari on the other hand produces 16.6 Watts. So, this unique Combination of power and output certainly makes LavatubeV2 an interesting thing to have.

If we calculate, we shall find that the latest Lavatube product uses 19% less power and costs about 57% less than ProVari. This little thing actually holds a Battery meter which was not there on the earlier one. It shows the charge level of the battery and when it will be discharged. All in all it is a compatible product and improved version of the earlier lava tube. But there has been reports of Lava Tube V2 being available under the name of companies other than volcano, the quality of those products is under huge question mark.

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