Smoktech vmax review (battery life, vapor). Smoktech Vmax vs Provari

Smoktech vmax variable voltage mod

Vmax is a great e-cigarette vv mod from Smoktech. It is greatly built and with the 510 connection. It is very lightweight product so that feature makes it comfortable to say the least about it. It comes with a short protection and is a very safe device to use. In short a great product from Smoktech with durability and performance.

The menu is great with LCD and it operates in three clicks. The main thing about the product is that it has 6 options to go with its sleek looks. You can count the clicks when using this product. Voltage up will take you 4 clicks in total, voltage down 5 clicks, you can put it on standby by clicking 6 times, view the battery life by clicking 7 times and light on and off results when you click 8 times. A blind person can operate this devil.

Trust me, when you will Vape on it, the experience will be great. The battery life of the Smoktech Vmax is great. You can Vape all day and charge it at night. Compared to Provari it does not give you a dry hit. It hits your throat hard and you can use it as a backup device if any of the big boys fail. Not only that, this little thing gives you the same amount of Vape within .3 Volts less than the Provari. So it is very convenient too.

There are few bad elements of this product too. It hits the throat hard and the coils can be burnt. One can easily burn the wicks if he does not use re-buildable atomizers. A technical understanding is required to avoid and minimize the hard hits. The other glitch is the LCD screen. It does not completely shut off. So those of you who are looking for a silent Vape, dream with you cannot get it with this device. But the overall configurations and features plus performance earn the Vmax an obvious 8 out of 10.

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