Myfreedomsmokes user reviews coupon 10 15 off promo code free shipping is an online electronic cigarette, e-juice store. Is myfreedomsmokes legit or fake website? Read customer reviews about e-cigs, e-liquid flavors, customer service and shipping time. 10, 15% off e-cig e-liquid coupon discount promo code August 2017:

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myfreedomsmokes e-cigarette

Endura T18 e-cigarette Starter Kit

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Myfreedomsmokes best e-liquid flavors

MyFreedomSmokes has some of the best, most exotic, categorically creative products available, ranging from numerous already recognized brands and flavors, to in-house flavors and blends that range from tropical or Caribbean delight, all the way to vaping juices that would make you think you were shopping in and vaping from the Willy Wonka Factory itself.

From Guava flavor, to Black Raspberry, to Mint Gum, there’s something in-store (literally) and available for everyone. While some people report having to ‘steep’ their vape juices for a day or two, this variable often includes how the juice was made, and whether or not it was an in-house blend.

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Customers compare the mint gum to very popular gum brands currently available, the black raspberry flavor to tasting similar to an actual tea, and Papaya as having a natural, satisfying and full-flavored, fruity taste.

To top it all off, should you be seeking to really take a trip on a ‘fruity adventure’, dive into MyFreedomSmokes Premium Passion Fruit E-Liquid choice. This flavor has been reported to taste very similar to fruit punch, have a sweet before and after taste, and produce very sizably desirable clouds.

Looking to really mix things up, add a bit of spice, and continue on a fruity path to box mod vaping wonderland? Give the Granny Smith Tart vape juice a go, as it’s trickled with cinnamon, apple, and spices to deliver the seemingly perfect, tarty, yet not overbearing combination to pack the desired punch delivered right to your taste buds.

Myfreedomsmokes e-cig e-liquid coupon discount code

10 thoughts on “Myfreedomsmokes user reviews coupon 10 15 off promo code free shipping

  1. Scott

    Ordered 5 different times from Myfreedomsmokes, and everytime has been GREAT! Good prices, and fast delivery makes this one of my goto places for parts and supplies.

  2. firechick

    I have been away from using unflavored for a while and just got around to ordering more. I ordered 250mls of unflavored, some VG, and a couple of bottles on Sunday. It shipped on Monday and was in my mailbox on Wednesday. Everything was in the box exactly as ordered, and the packaging was excellent. The shipping is more expensive than some other shops but it ships fast and gets here in one piece. I deal with a non-vaping company that only uses UPS, and their prices are far higher for shipping that takes longer.

  3. edking66

    Just wanted to give a 2 thumbs up to My Freedom Smokes, great prices and very quick shipping. I get my gear in 2 to 3 days every time

  4. Throttles

    By recommendation I bought my first my first purchase with you guys and now I am glad I did! Only 3 days form order to door, 1 day extra because our post office is horrible.

    I was so happy to see everything exactly as I ordered and packaged super well. I ordered the eGo-C with Redux and a few liqpuis. Loved seeing a free sample in the bag with the others I purchased.

    I couldn’t even wait and decided to start charging it right away.

    I will definitely be buying from you all again!

  5. fido5150

    I stumbled across MyFreedomSmokes, and as luck would have it, they were the first who had everything in stock. I searched around for reviews on their vendor performance, but didn’t find a whole lot. What I did find, however, was fairly positive, so I threw caution into the wind and placed my order.

    I ordered on a Sunday night, and by 9am the next morning its status had already changed to ‘fulfilling order’, and by noon I received notification that it had shipped.

    I received my order on Thursday in California, via USPS priority mail (their free shipping method). It was well-packed and nothing was damaged or missing.

    I ordered a bunch of their e-liquids as well, and so far have not been disappointed in any of them fresh out of the envelope, though a couple could probably use a bit of steeping before they reach full maturity. Of course I’m still new, and haven’t sampled any other liquids yet, but this stuff tastes pretty darn good.

    MyFreedomSmokes may not have rock-bottom pricing, but they have great customer service and their liquids are pretty good too.
    I give them a big thumbs-up.

  6. Drunk_J

    Just thought I would post a little note thanking for their outstanding service. I have placed many orders over the last several months with them and was absolutely amazed at how fast they fill and ship your order. Several times I had an emails with order fulfilled and shipped within 45minutes to an hour after placing. There are so many really great vendors out there now for us in the vaping community, just thought deserved a shout out for selling great products and super fast service. Keep up the good work!

  7. bueno1955

    My freedom smokes is amazing. They have gone above and beyond to make my order right. Very fast delivery and great customer service. They are awesome. Placed my 2nd order on Monday and already looking forward to placing my next order.

  8. Steelgirl

    3 days after ordering some Juice and a few other supplies My order was at my desk. Awesome!!! Juice was tastey too!

  9. jr

    “I’ve never had such lack of customer service –EVER .I purchased one of the starter kits that was allegedly on sale for $ 39.99 , included 2 cylinders and two beakers.Need less to say , my check out price was 41.99. ( this is not the issues, its just a add on to the scam taking place) upon receiveing my kit I noticed my items were missing .After contact someone ( via email because the company NEVER answers the phone ) , I was told they were out of stock ; yet I was charge a even higher amount than what the kit was on sale for and after bringing this to their attention , I was told it didnt include the items missing ???The website CLEARLY states a list of items included –my cylinders and beakers being some of those items.Needless to say after the countless phone calls ( none returned ) and agnozing emails with a arrogant D – bag who knows nothing about customer service , I will not be doing business with them anymore .You lost a good customer — I vape , I make and Im the one they call for local vape convention photos . Word of mouth will make you or break you .”

  10. dave

    MyFreedomSmokes has the worst customer service out there. They scam customers period. Unprofessional and unethical! You have been warned. If they have done the same to you, report them to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

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