Top 10 Herbs to Vape with an Herbal Vaporizer

herbs to vape

Over 1.1 million people vape in the world. Learn all about the greatest herbs to vape so you can relax and heal yourself.

Globally, the number of people who vape is on the rise. You can expect to see more people vaping herbs in the coming years. Hop on this trend before everyone else does and see why herbal vaping is so popular.

Here are 10 of the best herbs for vaping:

1. Cannabis

Out of all dry herbs for vaping, cannabis is the most popular. Weed attracts the most people to herbal vaping. Marijuana legalization is making strides, so more and more people are vaping weed. 

Marijuana helps treat chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, and more. Many people find pot’s high to be pleasant.

There’s an endless variety of cannabis strains to choose from. Each strain has different effects. People tend to experiment with different strains until they find their favorite one.

Unfortunately, weed increases anxiety and paranoia for some people. If you have this experience, pot probably isn’t your herb of choice. Fortunately, here’s another herb you can try:

2. Lavender

Lavender is one of the vape herbs associated with calming. Inhaling its pleasant aroma relieves anxiety, stress, and pain.

Lavender has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Vaping dry lavender improves depression and insomnia. It also promotes healthy blood flow.

Many people enjoy mixing lavender with cannabis. Lavender’s fragrance helps mask cannabis’s strong aroma. 

However, lavender also tastes amazing by itself. It also relieves tension in your central nervous system.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is a beneficial herb for vaporizing. It contains caffeine, which makes it suitable for treating minor aches (including headaches) and depression.

At low temperatures, green tea will soothe and calm you down. At higher temperatures, it heightens energy levels. After all, green tea also contains ginseng, a natural stimulant.

Vape green tea if you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Ginseng prevents the release of dopamine triggered by fulfilling an addiction. Dopamine is how your brain “rewards” you for smoking, so curbing that effect can be beneficial to quitting cigarettes.

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4. Damiana

If you want to vape herbs that give you a buzz, try damiana. Damiana is not as strong as weed, but its effects are more pronounced than other herbs.

Vaping damiana can help increase your sex drive. It also boosts mental and physical stamina. That’s why the Mayans used damiana as an aphrodisiac.

Working damiana into your vape routine also improves depression, nausea, and asthma.

Avoid vaping too much damiana. You could experience abdominal cramps.

5. Passionflower

Passionflower is a pleasant vaping experience. It’s a mild sedative, so it’ll calm you down.

This herb reduces stress, anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. It achieves these effects by increasing GABA levels in your brain.

Passionflower is also helpful for quitting cigarettes. By relieving stress, it makes you crave nicotine less.

If you want a decadent herbal vaping experience, mix passionflower with damiana. 

6. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has a zesty flavor that’ll relax you and boost your mood. Vaping this dry herb has calming effects on your central nervous system. This means it can help anxiety.

Lemon balm is antibacterial, fungicidal, and antipyretic. Vaping lemon balm also improves blood circulation, sleep, and headaches. 

This herb relieves inflammation and pain. It also soothes muscles and promotes sleep.

You can also use lemon balm to treat cold symptoms like coughs and sneezes.

7. Peppermint

Peppermint is a popular vaping herb because of its pleasant taste. It also has calming effects both on muscle spasms and the mind.

Vaping peppermint can help treat asthma, nausea, and allergies. It’ll also clear your sinuses and improve indigestion.

This herb is antibacterial and antiseptic. It can also relieve colon spasms and bloating.

People love to mix peppermint with other less fragrant herbs.

Warning: Peppermint can increase sweating. For this reason, avoid vaping too much of it.

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8. Chamomile

Most people vaporize chamomile for its sedative/relaxing properties. Vaping chamomile will improve anxiety and stress levels.

Chamomile boosts your immune system and relieves indigestion. You can also help regulate anxiety, depression, and headaches by vaping chamomile.

If you have insomnia, chamomile can help you. This flower herb promotes healthy sleep cycles.

You’ll especially enjoy vaping chamomile after a long day. It’s one of the more popular herbs to mix with other herbs.

9. Basil

If you love the taste of basil, vaping basil will give you a whole new appreciation of this herb. Vaping basil is not only soothing and relaxing, but it tastes amazing.

When you vaporize basil, it releases volatile oils. This emphasizes basil’s calming effects.

If you’ve got a gassy stomach or cold symptoms, vape some basil. You’ll feel much better afterward.

Vaping basil can also improve your mood.

Warning: If you’re pregnant, don’t use this herb. Vaping basil can promote premature contractions.

10. Rosemary

Vaping rosemary can improve mental clarity and memory. Vape rosemary while studying or preparing for a test. You’ll also have an easier time with concentration.

(Don’t worry. Rosemary doesn’t give you any jitters or anxiety.)

Rosemary also helps improve colds, coughs, and headaches. You can improve a lot of respiratory issues by vaping rosemary.

This herb pairs well with thyme, lavender, and other herbs as well. Some people say rosemary increases the effects of cannabis.

Try These Herbs to Vape Today!

In the United States, around 10.8 million adults vape frequently. Some of the most amazing herbs to vape are herbs you’ll find in a supermarket.

Vaping these herbs can give you immense health benefits. For instance, about 30.4% of people who vape quit smoking. Even if you’re not trying to quit smoking, vaping herbs can improve your physical and mental condition.

Ultimately, it’s worth a try.

Get informed and read more about e-cigarettes. It’ll make your life a better place.