What Can You Vape? A Guide to the Different Things You Can Vaporize

The advent of vaping was a huge shift in the way that people approached nicotine. Electronic cigarettes were invented by a man named Hon Lik in his attempt to quit smoking, and they have since swept the industry.

Modern vapes have an interesting side-effect, though. Yes, there is a vast array of e-liquids that vapers can enjoy, but people have taken to using vaporizers for things that were never intended to be vaped.

You’re probably asking, “What can you vape?” We’ve got the answers.

What Can You Vape? A Beginners Guide

We certainly don’t condone vaping some of the items on our list. All we know is that people are vaping these things and we’re here to tell the tale.

Buckle up, because some of this stuff is kind of shocking.

1. Liquor

While we can’t guarantee that vaping something like vodka or gin will have any effect, we know that it’s possible. By all accounts, the sensation is not enjoyable. There’s a good chance that you won’t get any buzz off of liquor vapor either.

You can certainly try, though. Who’s to say what tastes good and what tastes bad?

2. Barbeque Sauce

The good old days of backyard barbeques are behind us now. Placing barbeque sauce in a vape tank works to create clouds that taste like, you guessed it, barbeque sauce.

It’s going to taste burnt and smokey, but the flavor will be recognizable. Again, we don’t condone all of the items on the list.

3. Hot Sauce

Some YouTubers have taken to vaping outrageous things in an effort to gain popularity. One of those things is hot sauce.

Reveal the coil, put a little hot sauce on it, and go about vaping like you normally do. By all accounts, the vapor burns your throat and lungs. You can certainly taste the hot sauce, but the burning sensation isn’t as hot as it would be if you were to just use the sauce in liquid form.

4. Strawberry and Chocolate Syrup

Syrup is generally thick so it will sit well within your vape. Surprisingly, the vapor of chocolate and strawberry syrup tastes pretty good and provides a thick vapor.

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We can’t vouge for the safety of vaping chocolate syrup, but all accounts show that the flavor is nothing to scoff at.

5. Marijuana

Many people vape components of marijuana on a regular basis. Vaping weed is widely recognized as an effective, economical way to ingest the substance.

Commonly referred to as “dab pens,” vape pens that hold marijuana cartridges are highly customizable. Marijuana has been proven to have medicinal benefits for a number of reasons, and modern marijuana is finely-tuned to give specific effects. This allows people to purchase weed that will treat their specific ailments.

The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is THC, and this is the element that gives users the “high” feeling. The sedative element is called CBD, and this what makes users feel sleepy and relaxed. These ingredients are used in different ratios to treat a number of illnesses.

6. Catnip

Studies show that cats experience something similar to the high of marijuana when they eat catnip. Humans can experience relaxation and euphoria when the catnip is smoked or vaped.

If you are looking to vape catnip, make sure that you’re using an herbal vaporizer. Dry substances might not work well with typical vapes, and it’s essential that you use a device that is meant for vaping herbs.

7. Honey

Vaping honey is said to produce a sweet, enjoyable flavor. It’s required that you use a new coil that isn’t tainted with whatever else you’ve been trying to vape. As a rule, you should try and change your coil whenever you vape something like barbecue sauce or hot sauce.

Either that or you clean your wick really well. Once your wick is clean you simply reassemble and squirt some honey into your atomizer. It should vape well.

8. Tea

People boast the benefits of vaping tea like their claims have been scientifically proven. We can’t authenticate claims that vaping green tea helps with depression, boosts antioxidants, and reduces the risk of cancer, but we can’t deny them either.

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It’s safe to say that vaping tea is a safer alternative to vaping barbeque sauce or chocolate syrup. Any organic material is going to be less toxic and harmful when vaped.

Damania, Chamomile, Green Tea, and Peppermint are all great options to vape. These substances have noticeable, pleasant effects. Whether you feel energized, relaxed, or refreshed, there is a good chance that tea will have some effect on you.

Not to mention, it feels much less like a science experiment when compared to vaping our next item.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Do not try vaping hand sanitizer. Leave it to the people lurking in the corners of YouTube.

Those people have tried it and we thank them for their service. That doesn’t mean that it’s something that should ever be done again, though. Even those who attempted immediately felt stupid after trying, noting the chemical burn from vaping hand sanitizer of all things.

10. Semen

Someone with high ideals and ambitions chose to vape his own semen. His goal was to be the first man in the world to vape that substance, and for all we know, he was successful.

He actually had a pretty good review of the vapor quality of his own semen. He claimed that it was sweet and tasted great. You will have to be the decider on this one if you want to go to those lengths to find out how semen tastes.

In general, though, try not to do too much with your semen. People will look at you strangely.

Want to Learn More About Vaping?

So, what can you vape? Anything, really.

Don’t let this list discourage you, though– there are a lot of normal ways to vape. E-liquids keep getting better and better, giving you an excellent vaping experience.

Other substances are gaining in popularity, too, and you should be on the lookout for new and exciting things to vape. If you’re interested in learning more about vaping, visit our site to learn more.