Understanding the Laws and Regulations of Using e-Cigs in Public Places

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If you vape, you know that older people look down on it and don’t understand the difference between e-juice and cigarettes. E-cigs are the most used form of tobacco in the youth population.

Kids are overwhelmingly picking e-juice over classic cigarettes. Not only because it’s healthier, but because you could seemingly smoke anywhere.

Well, not anymore. The government started cracking down on e-cig use and where and when you can vape.

Each State has different laws. There are some states with no restrictions and others where vape regulations are similar to cigarettes.

What about your state? Learn what their regulations are in the list below.

State Regulations

We researched the laws to the best of our ability, with data that is a year to less than a year old. We are not a government agency or a law-making entity.

Pro tip: hold down control + F to pop up a find window and type in your state. On mobile, click your options menu and choose find in page.

Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona

There are no specific anti-vape regulations in these states. If you see a no-smoking sign, it probably doesn’t apply to you.

Though if someone asks you to stop and you’re on private property, you need to respect their wishes.

Alaska is the more concerned of the three about health risks, so watch for developments or new language on signs popping up.

Arkansas & Connecticut

A stricter state, Arkansas has some e-cig regulations. You cannot smoke near State buildings or around them in State parks.

There’s no smoking around or on school campuses, childcare centers or health clinics.

The laws in Connecticut are identical but include no smoking in or around restaurants.


If you want to vape in California, you’d better make sure there’s not a no-smoking sign. Any vaping is considered smoking in Cali, so keep an eye out for posted signs.

Colorado & Georgia

The legalized marijuana state (CO) is big on vaping and doesn’t have any state restrictions.

There are local restrictions in some areas in both states, so call your local police department.

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Delaware & Hawaii

There’s no smoking around or on school campuses, childcare centers or health clinics in either state.

Further restricted areas include grocery stores, restaurants, and sport arenas.

Florida & Idaho

There are no specific anti-vape regulations in Florida or Idaho.

If someone asks you to stop and you’re on private property, you need to respect their wishes.


In Illinois, you have a good range of freedom except on and around school campuses. See the campus signs for signage and directions.

Indiana, Iowa, & Kansas

E-cigs are not explicitly included in their law but assumed to be.

Don’t vape in any area with a no-smoking sign. If you’re unsure, avoid vaping in public places or around people.

Double check with local governments as they have the authority to pass local legislation.

Kentucky, Louisana & Maine

No regulations that include e-cig mentions or language.

Kentucky is approaching workplace regulations, so keep an eye out for that. Your employer has the right to ask you to stop on their private property.


In cities and public places, no smoking signs include vaping. Do not vape anywhere in Maryland where there’s a non-smoking sign.

Massachusetts & Michigan

You’re able to vape in Mass. and Michigan unless you see a sign on private property that says otherwise.


Since 2014 vaping is included in the no-smoking regulations in Minnesota.

If there is not a posted sign, you’re able to vape. If there is, you’re not.

Mississippi, Missouri & Montana

You’re able to vape in these states but be wary around government buildings or college campuses.

Local governments can make their own regulations.

Nevada & Nebraska

Vaping is not covered under the no-smoking legislation. Businesses have the right to put up no vaping signs.

Local vaping bans may exist in Nebraska, so check with your local government.

New Jersey

There’s a state-wide vape ban. Do not use your vape at any indoor public places or places of business.

Assume no-smoking signs apply to vaping.

New Mexico

No vaping at schools or school events. This may include sport events, check with the arenas.

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New York

Vaping is illegal in workplaces, parks, restaurants, and bars. No smoking signs include vaping.

North Carolina & Ohio

No specific anti-vaping language in laws.

North Dakota

Your vaping habits are illegal in public places and workplaces in North Dakota.

You may not vape within 20 feet of windows, air intakes, or doors. No smoking signs include vaping.


You may not vape in any state buildings or on state grounds. There are no other vaping bans.

You can vape if you see a no smoking sign unless you’re on government property.

Oregon & Philadelphia, PA

No smoking signs include vaping. Do not use a vape in the presence of a no smoking sign.

Philadelphia is the only city with vaping laws in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island, South Carolina & South Dakota

There is no specific anti-vaping language in the no smoking laws. Local officials have the right to place regulations.


There is no specific anti-vaping language in the no smoking laws. Local officials have the right to place regulations.

Texas & Vermont

There are specific vaping regulations in Texas. No vaping in indoor areas is the best assumption.

This includes traveling locations like planes and trains. Vermont further specifies no vaping in cars with small children.


No smoking sings include vaping.

Virginia, Washington, West Virginia

Watch for no vaping signs. There is no vaping on or around school campuses. Local authorities can enact legislation.

Wisconsin and Wyoming

You can vape in Wisconsin and Wyoming. If you see a no vaping sign it is not backed up by law unless you can verify that with local officials.

E-Cig Laws by State

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Look at specific transportation regulations when traveling with e-cigs.

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