Stop smoking and not gain weight


One often hears that smokers, particularly women, are afraid to quit because of the danger grow stout. Such fears are exacerbated the underlying problem – smoking.

The fact that smoking – it’s so complex and difficult problem that face it, even distracted on other issues, such as weight – it can not be solved. Quitting smoking is truly FOREVER conventional methods extremely difficult. In quitting smoking all human forces must be directed at the underlying problem – smoking.

If a person does not think smoking is a major problem at the moment of quitting, the failure of attempts to quit are just programmed. The most important idea that passes through a mini-course and a book-guide “How to quit smoking for the umpteenth time, but forever,” is to realize that the main cause of smoking lies in the human brain, but not in the circumstances.

In the smoker always rises need to be aware of priorities: what is more important to him in life? For what he needed to quit smoking? If people do not know why he quit, then he will not leave. Because he’ll find reasons why he did not quit. For example, not to gain weight.

I do not dispute there are women who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of beauty. Female smokers are willing to sacrifice for the sake of health to be in good shape. I understand very well these women. But I will say that this sacrifice is meaningless.

In 2007, Italian scientists have conducted research, which found that people who quit smoking, by contrast, 75% of cases lose weight or stay the same weight. Thus, it was destroyed by a grand myth that people who quit smoking get fat.

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The results of these studies are quite understandable. Do people quit smoking weight should be reduced, simply because it increases the capacity of the blood vessels, which when smoked constantly narrowed. Increased blood flow increases metabolism, which leads logically to weight loss.

Weight gain observed in the early days of abstinence from smoking. But this “first time” can vary in duration in different people. You just need to understand why weight gain occurs.

Addicted people have a very big problem is the negative emotions. They are called many things: fragile nicotine, craving, withdrawal symptoms, etc. All of these negative experiences can lead to binging on food, which leads to weight gain.

When someone is upset, they binge on food. If a person quits with good intentions, he will have no negative emotions, and therefore, he will not binge and will return to his original weight or even less!

Those who can not quit will gain weight. Under the influence of negative experiences people gain weight, get scared and stop it to refrain from smoking. If the weight a long time getting back to normal, then it suggests that negative emotions have not ceased, that the person actually did not quit and feels within himself the discomfort.

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