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Top E-juice liquid flavors

VaporDNA has an extremely wide selection of various e-juices, of varying sizes, and both old and new, along with some of the hottest flavors on the market.

Prototype™ Series E-Liquid Pack by Project Sub-Ohm

Prototype Series E-Liquids, Prototype X and Prototype C have some of the most desirable, popular tastes. The first, a perfect blend of fruity flavor, a tad touch of cereal, and the perfect hint of milk make for the ultimate “breakfast” flavored vaping experience.
Are you thinking of and seeking out a banana-boat like ice-cream combination vaping juice? Then Prototype C is perfect for you! Made from banana, caramel, and fruit flavors this is the ultimate, tasty combination and is great for direct-throat hits or most popular by design, sub-ohming.

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Give RiP Trippers e-juices a shot if you’re interested in experiencing Rainbow Nuggets, or Peaky Blinders. Infused with fruity cereal and smooth vanilla flavoring, this is the ultimate cereal-flavored vaping e-juice. If you’re a fan of cinnamon flavor, or looking to have your first experience, Peaky Blinders is the way to go. Made from cereal, marshmallow, and caramel flavoring this e-juice is sure to make your taste-buds go wild.

If you’re a loyal Mango-flavor fan, then Mighty Manggis by KeyJuice is right up your alley Made from Southeast Asian recipe-ingredients, this is the ultimate tropical combination. Available up to 60ml, this is by far one of the world’s most well-known and reputable mango and fruity combination e-juices available on the market.

Shipping time

VaporDNA typically takes between 24 to 72 hours to process and ship orders, however has been frequently known to get out orders in 48 hours or less—naturally, dependent upon the day of the week. For example, orders placed on Thursdays past 2PM TST will not be shipped out until Monday, so place your order soon!

To top it all off, VaporDNA applies tracking-numbers to all of its orders/shipments, and for orders over $49 shipping is free—US Only! VaporDNA also ships to PR, Guam, and other U.S. territories. Global shipping is subject to your mail provider. For otherwise expedited shipping, a flat-rate of $8.00 USD is required.

Eleaf iStick 100W TC Mod

Eleaf iStick 100W TC Mod is a solid dual 18650 device. Temperature control that works well, dual battery in parallel – great battery life, puff-counter function, inexpensive. That’s why this mod is very popular
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6 thoughts on “Vapordna user reviews coupon 10 off promo code free shipping code

  1. Elizabeth Baldwin

    I’ve purchased numerous things there. I’ve actually bought 2 of the Polished Russians there. I love them. Be patient. They are usually very fast at shipping.

  2. Train

    They’re a solid, well-known vendor. I’ve gotten a couple little things from them…they sort of specialize in “cutting edge” and higher-end stuff. You can often beat their price on something available everywhere – like Kanger or Nautilus stuff. But they’ve got a nice collection of cool new atomizers, and like I said – well-known company.

  3. Brian

    All my business with VaporDNA has always been great. I feel though that my recent experience should be noted and shared with all. OK, so at first Briefcase” TC Temperature Control Edition 50 Watt Box Mod was an awesome device. Now… I am having some serious issues that is making me want to throw this thing in the river. As soon as I power it on, it detects the atty then I set the watts. I take 1-2 5 second puffs and then it no longer detects an atty on the device. So I have to go through a whole series of processes just to get it to read the atty again then I have to set the watts again just to get another 1-2 puffs only to go through the same thing over again. I contacted VaporDNA’s customer service and explained my experience with this faulty device.

    From the very beginning of my contact I was greeted with professionalism. Not once did I feel like they did not want to help. They did take a day or two to ask me a series of questions which to me were not very important but I would guess it is just procedure. So I had no problem answering each question.

    End result: I was offered a replacement, a refund or an exchange or in-store credit.
    I opted for an exchange of a different device as I lost my confidence in this particular device. They told me to go ahead and keep the faulty device and not bother sending it back.

  4. Steamer

    I ordered batteries from them twice, no problems to Canada(Ontario). Typical shipping times close to 2 weeks but thats the same from all US vendors.

  5. Marc

    I bought from VaporDNA and within a couple days the item I purchased stopped working properly. I notified them and the asked that I try several tests to resolve the problem which I did immediately, it did not resolve the issue.

    I informed them simply asking that they exchange the defective item. They never responded to any of my requests.

  6. Jessica Hensarling

    They have good prices on most of their products. I bought my first mod and tank from them and recently bought 5 juices. I like their prices but hate their shipping speed, takes forever to recieve anythjng from them. I ordered from Vape 101 and Vapor DNA on Wednesday of last week, relieved Vape 101 package on Friday while Vapor DNA’s order still is sitting in pre-shipment status. Definitely won’t be ordering from them again because I hate waiting this long for them to ship things.

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