ecig liquid reviews coupon 10 20 off free shipping is an online electronic cigarette and e-liquid online store. They offer e-cig starter kits, e-liquid, broad selection of coils, box-mod designs and large selection of bottles, battery wraps, and more. In fact, there’s even temperature setting and monitor devices available to really customize both your vaping experience, control. Is good and safe website? Read customer reviews about quality of electronic cigarette kits, e-liquid taste, shipping, customer service in comments.

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Vaporking sticks with well-known names, such as Kranger, Joytech, and eLeaf. If you’re into sub-box mods, sub-ohming, and learning more about your various vaping products capabilities then this is the site to go with. To top it off, if you’re interested in learning more about RDA’s and other customizable heads and vaping designs, then you’ve come to the right place. e-cigarette kits, e-liquid 5, 10% OFF coupon discount promotion code 2017:

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Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 e-cig mod


With an ego-adapter and a flush 510 head, the MVP 3.0 by Innokin iTaste is a premium product thanks to its duo and cross-flexibility with various heads, atomizers, and total vaping experience. With adjustable volts from 3 to 9, and 0.1 increments of wattage (Although starting at 6), the MVP 3.0 really puts you in the hot seat of control. In fact, although it starts at 6W, this is simply a security protocol and is meant to ensure no burns occur, destroyed coils, and to minimize running it ‘hot’ which could otherwise lead to a shorter vaping life-experience. Although marketed as an e-cigarette, this is definitely a nice box-mod, and gives a total vaping experience akin to many of its market competitors.

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Considering it’s affordable price, we stand behind this product in particular quite strongly, especially considering it’s enhanced customizability features.

Best e-liquid flavors


Cuttwood Juice is an awesome brand and Unicorn Juice products are excellent for those that have a knack for flavored-milk products! Unicorn juice is an awesome, premium juice with a find flow of vanilla, milk, and strawberry-cream flavor. While not too bold in taste, it provides substantially sized vape clouds and is a great selection for direct-drip vaping! Monster Melons is another great flavor set; including papaya, mango, and other awesome fruits to give you a really enjoyable, tropical experience! Lastly, there’s Sugar Bear for those that have a love for cookies, specifically sugar cookies.

If you’re looking for a good, mellow vape experience combined with fruits and vanilla milk, then Bird Brains is an awesome flavor-selection.

From Unicorn Blood, to Nice Melons and Crank Berry, if you have a sweet-tooth and love chocolatey flavors, sweet fruits, and a nice throat-hit with a burst then FuZion Vapor is the ideal brand to run with!

With fruity Gummy Blood, and sour-patch like throat hits from the flavor Ectoplasm, FuZion vapors limits are endless for vape enthusiasts. If you enjoy strawberries and cream, Peaches, and other tropical fruits then check out RoundHouse with Cream, Peach’s Pear, and Poison Apple—but prepare for a burst in your mouth. Great throat hits, although the ladder flavors have been shown to damage some tanks—so be careful, and always mindful of the wattage level you’re vaping your e-juices.

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