South Beach Smoke e cig reviews flavor, battery life, cartridges

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette offers two designs of e-cigarette: 2-piece design (battery and cartomizer (atomizer and e-cig  cartridge) for Deluxe Starter Kit, 3-piece design (battery, atomizer and e-cig cartridge) for Premium Starter Kit. If you plan to refill cartridges, you should buy 3 piece e-cigarette. It will be cheaper to refill cartridge than buy cartomizer each time it lasts. Click here to visit Official Website 


Sounth beach smoke e-cigarette user review and discount

South Beach Smoke starter kit price begins with $29.99.

Starter Kit includes:

1 electronic smokeless cigarette lithium-ion battery
1 electronic smokeless cigarette Extra-Capacity lithium-ion battery
1 Portable Wall Charger
5 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers

Flavors:  Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry

Nicotine levels: Non-Nicotine, Ultra Light, Light, Full Flavored.

LED Color: orange

– 30 days moneyback guarantee

– Lifetime warranty

– Free Shipping


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