What Are The Best Vape Mods of 2018?

vape mods

Whether you’re into vaping because you’re looking for a way to ditch the cigarettes, or if you just want to learn how to create huge vape clouds, there’s no denying that vaping is only getting more popular.

No matter your interests or your experience level, we know that you’re always on the lookout for the very best vape mods and products.

In 2018 in particular, the vaping world has given the community some seriously epic mods and starter kits.

So, what are the ones that you simply have to try out for yourself?

That’s what this post is here to tell you all about.

Whether you’re interested in the best vape mods for clouds, or if you just want to give Sub-ohm vaping a try, you need to read on.

We’ll let you know the biggest and most influential vape mods of 2018, and offer quick reviews and information about features that help you to find the perfect option for you.

The Best Vape Mod Starter Kit

If you’re new to the vaping scene, we know that learning how to properly use vape mods can be tough to figure out.

That’s why a starter kit — which contains everything that you’ll need — is often the best way to go.

One of our favorites is the Devilkin 225W TC Vape Starter Kit from the legendary SMOK brand.

You can choose from six seriously sleek colors, and it’s revved up by two seriously high-amp batteries.

It’s the perfect option for those who are getting their feet wet when it comes to Sub-ohm vaping, as it comes with the Prince Sub-ohm tank.

It can create a range of temperatures from 200-600 degrees, has a memory mode to remember your preferences, and even comes with short circuit and overheating protection to prevent explosions.

It’s also been developed with a smart atomizer recognition feature and can be charged with a simple USB cable.

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The Innokin Cool Fire 4

Are you interested in vape mods that are more compact than many others on the market today?

Do you often find that a higher battery life is your number-one priority?

If so, then you simply must give the Innokin Cool Fire 4 a shot this year.

It also comes with a vape timer, a counter for your puffs, and even a fifteen-second cutoff to help preserve battery life and keep you safe.

You can even vape while your device chargers, which is perfect for those who don’t want to have to wait!

Additionally, this device is able to put out a maximum output of nearly 15 Amp, making it one of the most powerful devices on the market.

You can also enjoy learning more about your device on the LED screen.

The SMOK GX350

Are you looking for the best vape mod for clouds?

If so, then look no further than the SMOK GX350 kit. Although this too is a starter kit, it’s especially beloved by serious cloud chasers within the vaping community.

It’s powered by four batteries, which means that it can offer you an epic 350-watt output. It also works with tons of different atomizers, and is available in tons of stylish colors.

It even works with nickel, stainless steel, and titanium when it comes to temperature control. It offers low resistance protection, and it also guards you against low voltage.

It has a larger chamber than average, comes with an awesome glass tank, and even allows you to adjust the airflow of the device!

You’ll also get firmware that you can easily upgrade, and a maximum temperature of 600 degrees.

The Geekvape Aegis

Interested in owning one of the very best vape mods that 2018 has to offer?

If so, then the Geekvape Aegis is for you.

This is especially beneficial for those who are a little bit rough on their devices. We love the fact that this design is both waterproof and shockproof. It’s even both dust and soil-proof.

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So, if you’re prone to dropping your vape, then this is the option that you should go with.

It’s also known for its comfortable grip and ease of operation, which means that it’s suitable for those who are new to the vaping lifestyle.

If you want a vape device that works as quickly as possible, then this is also the one to choose. In fact, it’s able to get fired up in 0.015 seconds. Plus, it also comes with adjustable wattage, so that you can get the perfect power output for your preferences and experience level.

You can use the LED screen to get all kinds of data, like the temperature, the wattage, and the battery life that you have left.

Finally, it works with tons of different atomizer coil resistances. So, whether you’re into Sub-ohm vaping or if you want to keep it traditional, reach for this device to make it happen for you.

The Best Vape Mods of 2018: What Else Is Out There?

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best vape starter kits, or if you’re just looking to switch up your current vaping device, we hope that you’ve found this post helpful.

Remember that, at the end of the day, the best vape mods are those that match with your interests and your current skill level.

It’s always important to try new things — but we also know that you want to learn as much as you can about vape mods and accessories before you spend your hard-earned money on them.

That’s where we can help.

Keep on checking back with our website for frequent reviews on some of the very best mods and e-cigs that 2018 and more have to offer.