7 Things to Know Before Going to a Recreational Dispensary

recreational dispensary

We’ve been living in a prohibition era, and brothers and sisters, the promised land lies just ahead. Today, seeing a recreational dispensary dotting the landscape is not a dream, but a reality.

Friends, the time has come for you to seize upon the joys of legalized marijuana and fill your lungs with the righteous smoke of nature’s greatest herb.

But if it’s been a little while since you participated in cannabis culture, you may find the idea of walking into a dispensary a little intimidating.

After all, seeing the millennials behind the counter and listening to them go on about the hundreds of different strains they offer can be overwhelming when the last time you bought weed was from some guy named Steve. You may have not even realized there were different varieties.

Today, a dispensary is a candy land of possibilities. The flavors, effects, and appearance of each bud are unique. Read on to learn everything you need to know to make the most of your first visit to a pot shop.

1. Bring Your ID to the Recreational Dispensary

Whenever you walk into a dispensary, you will be asked to show them some form of identification. This is because since marijuana is still federally illegal, state dispensaries have to be very careful to tread softly and take security seriously.

There is no room for a mistake to happen, it would collapse the entire industry. That means that if you forget your ID, you aren’t going inside.

2. Be Prepared to Wait

After identifying yourself and emerging into the promised land, you will have to sit and wait while the customers ahead of you are served.

In some stores, you will be asked to sit in a waiting room until a budtender is able to help you. This is so that you can have personalized help with finding a product that meets your needs and so that they can maintain their inventory against nefarious shoppers.

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In these waiting rooms, there are usually cannabis magazines and artwork for you to look at. You may even spy a fake cannabis plant being used like a focus in a traditional office space.

3. Take the Opportunity to Browse

In other cannabis stores, you will be able to browse while you wait for a budtender. These stores typically have glass cabinets, similar to a jewelry store, that allow you to see the various buds that are available at that time.

These types of dispensaries are less common than ones with a waiting room. They give you more of a typical retail experience.

If you don’t want to feel rushed, then seek out a dispensary that allows you to browse. It can feel like a lot of pressure to make a decision quickly, knowing there are other people behind you in a waiting room style dispensary.

4. Be Ready to Talk to the Budtender

So you’ve been identified, you’ve waited your turn, and now the budtender has greeted you, what’s next?

It’s time to talk to the budtender. This is the person who is there to answer all your questions and help ensure that you get the right product.

Unfortunately, not all budtenders are created equal. Some are a wealth of information on cannabis products and help direct you towards what suits your needs.

But others are just there doing a job and don’t take it as seriously. It’s worth it to seek out a quality budtender, don’t settle for less.

5. Sample Strains Like a Fine Wine

When you purchase marijuana for the first time from a dispensary, you should buy at least two different strains. This is because you want to be able to directly compare the effects of the strains and work towards finding one that gives you the high you desire.

There are so many different kinds of weed out there, but there are two major classifications.

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Sativa plants give a great head high and can help with alertness. In a way, they will make you feel like you just drank a cup of coffee.

Sativas have been reported to be uplifting and euphoric and help increase creativity. They are great for daytime use and can help you get work done around the house.


Indicas provide a body high. They are great for relaxation and act as an appetite stimulator for many people.

You should purchase an indica strain if you want a sleep aid or intensive pain relief. If you smoke an indica strain, make sure you have the time for a short cat nap if you need one. Sometimes taking just twenty minutes can help wear off some of the sleepiness effects and allow you to get moving again.

6. Bring Cash

Selling cannabis remains illegal under federal law. That means that at any given time, the federal government could potentially seize all cannabis dollars from someone’s bank account.

As such, many businesses prefer to operate on a cash-only basis and store their money in banks in other countries. While this may seem strange, it’s fairly standard practice and part of the nature of the current legal climate.

Don’t worry too much, the cannabis industry is providing revenue for the government as well and creating jobs, they aren’t coming to bang down your door any time soon.

7. Have a Great Attitude

Buying recreational cannabis has been a dream for many people for a long time and the people who work in dispensaries are often very passionate about their products. There is no reason to enter a dispensary with a bad attitude.

Bring with you a curiosity and see the shop as a place to learn. Become part of the community.

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Now that you’re prepared for your first recreational dispensary visit, you need to learn more about cannabis!

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