All Wound Up! Best Coils 2021

Best Coils

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who vape, then you’ll know how important a good coil is. Out of all the components on your vape, your vaping coils have the biggest impact on flavor. 

Not all coils are created equal: some are far better than others, and it’s not simply a matter of “you get what you pay for.” Some low-cost coils produce incredible flavors, while some expensive ones are very lackluster.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the very diverse world of coils, and check out the best coils that you should buy in 2021.

Ready to learn more about coils and get a better vaping experience? Then read on!

What Are Coils?

Before we move on, we should take a closer look at what coils are and what they do. Your vape is made up of a few different components. At one end, you’ll have the vape/mod and the battery, and at the other, you’ll have your tank.

Inside the tank, you’ll find the coil. This little piece of metal and cotton is responsible for creating the vapor that we all know and love.

The cotton soaks up the vape juice from the tank, and, when you press the power button, the coil heats up, vaporizing the juice.

There are a few different kinds of coils, including mesh coils that use a metal mesh to create a greater surface area. This leads to your vape producing more vapor. However, more vapor doesn’t always mean better flavor, so mesh coils shouldn’t be the only type that you consider, even if they are the most popular choice right now.

1. Zeus Z1 Coils

The Zeus tank by Geekvape is one of the finest direct-to-lung (DTL) tanks on the market. These coils come in 0.4 and 0.2 resistances, and, when used correctly, will produce a whole lot of flavorful vape.

As with any sub-ohm coil, these coils are best for advanced vapers. The only other problem is that the Zeus coils don’t have fantastic longevity compared to some others, and will require fairly frequent replacement.

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The coils use a mesh design, which means that you’ll be able to blow massive clouds with them with zero problems. The Zeus tank itself comes with very large wicking ports, which means that you’re not likely to get a dry hit while using one.

If you’re interested in trying out a sub-ohm coil, these are a great place to start.

2. Freemax Mesh Pro Coils

The Freemax Mesh Pro Coil is something of a work of art. These coils are a little more expensive than the ones that you might be used to, as they only come in packs of three instead of five.

However, in exchange, you get perhaps one of the best coils ever made. These coils have a resistance of 0.2 ohms, which means that they’re best used at around 60-90 watts.

The cotton on these coils is wood pulp cotton, and inside you’ll find a multi-level mesh. This means that it wicks beautifully and also produces a massive cloud of vape.

Despite their slightly higher price per coil, these coils have a very solid lifespan of around two or three weeks. If you’re looking for a coil that is future-proof, this is a very solid option.

3. Smok TFV8 Baby V2 A3 Coils

If you’re after a coil that can handle a whole lot of power, then this catchily-named coil by Smok is a very good option. It can handle 80-130 watts of pure power, which, combined with its mesh design means that you’ll be blowing absolutely massive clouds.

If you’re a casual cloudchaser who wants to fill a room with vape without having to fiddle around with drip atomizers, then this should be your prize pick. It’s also one of the best coils for flavour, and will tantalize your tastebuds with delicious vapor for a good two weeks or so before it requires replacement.

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While it may not be a particularly niche choice, there’s a reason that Smok is one of the biggest names in vaping. They make consistently high-quality coils and vapes that are reasonably priced. If you’re after a solid mid-range option, these coils are a great choice.

4. GT CCELL Coils

If you’re after a coil that will last you a long time between changes, the GT CCELL is a good choice. This coil is compatible with some Vaporesso tanks and features robust build quality and great materials that make for a long-lasting coil.

These coils use ceramics to create a flavorful vape, even at low wattages. This coil has more resistance than the others that we’ve discussed so far, clocking in at 0.5 ohms, which means that you should stick to around 25-35 watts for the best experience.

If you want a coil that you can count on to last, this is a great choice.

5. Aegis Boost Coils

These coils are, as you might expect, only compatible with the Aegis Boost pod mod, but if you’re on the fence about buying one of these, then the coils might just push you to buy. These coils last for two to three weeks easily, and create a fantastic amount of vapor despite their small size.

They’re available in both 0.4 and 0.6 ohms, allowing you to easily modulate the amount of vapor that you’re producing and how much vape juice you’re using.

These coils are low cost, last a long time, and are an excellent option for everyday vapers. 

These Are the Best Coils in 2021

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this guide to the best coils that you can buy for your vape in 2021. Use any of these and you’ll have a fantastic vaping experience and enjoying flavor like never before!

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