Provari mini vs standard. Battery life, vape, pros and cons review

Provari is an electronic cigarette which is widely used among the consumers these days. The cigarette is pretty good. While reviewing it, let’s start with the basics. The body seems to be made from aluminum but actually it is made from the DARPA technology bullet proof metal. It is very slim and sleekly. The top cap and the atomizer complement each other greatly. There is no chance of the liquid leaking out. Both of them are same in color which gives it a nice outlook. It is a great finished product.

provari mini vs standard

Also another feature is the end cap. Many people complain that the spring here pops out. But in this case, the cap protects and envelops the spring so there is no chance of that popping out and it’s safe. But there is one feature that steals the show. That one is the Mini Computer in this machine. It has LED signaling on and off, there is a voltage checker to keep track of the battery, there is an Ohm reader and on top of that you can adjust the voltage. The battery life is one to talk about. It has a great battery life to say the least. It needs to be purchased separately though.

On the other hand, Provari Mini is the miniature of the standard product. It has everything in short size. The battery, the tube and the finish is shorter but otherwise it is the same as its big brother. The end cap of Provari Mini can be changed with other end caps to extend the product and the battery lives. The electronic technology helps to maintain voltage without the help of battery so it does not affect the battery life or charging. The functions are integrated into one single button instead of a bunch of buttons here.

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Safety is greatly prioritized here by the makers. There are so many safety features like, a 16 second cut off that allows you maximum puff, it includes short-circuit atomizer protection, reverse battery protection stops you from putting the battery the wrong way. There is a battery monitoring service which turns off the product when the battery runs out and if the voltage rises over a certain level you will get the warning.

Provari mini vs standard e-cig. These two products are very much similar but have some distinctive features along with them which actually makes them unique from each other in certain ways.

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