Mtbakervapor eliquid user reviews coupon 5 10 off code free shipping is an e-cigarette and e-juice online store. MT Baker Vapor offers popular electronic cigarette kits, e-liquid, mechanical MODs, accessories: atomizers, clearomizers, batteries, drip tips, personal charging cases. You can find any item by price in the left sidebar. Is mtbakervapor any good, bad, safe, legit online store? Read e-cigarette kits, e-juice flavors, shipping time, customer service user reviews

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Mtbakervapor popular e-liquid flavors


Mt Baker Vapor is predominantly known for its high-quality baked goods e-flavor juices; from cinnamon rolls and butterscotch, to banana cream pie; they seem to have just the right flavors to meet anyone’s sweet-tooth needs!

Blueberry cheesecake and Strawberry shortcake are also quite popular flavor choices for vape juices from Mt. Baker, although due to their concentration or potency, are often used for ‘cutting’ or mixing with other flavors.

Bubble gum and caramel apple, all the way to Banana Nut Bread (Gone Nuts), Mt. Baker loves coming up with new, witty, and extra-sweet treats!

Mt. Baker also, however, has a fairly sized array of spicier or “hot” selections for vape juice, such as Cinnamon, Venom, or Hawk Sauce. Don’t forget, you’re always able and likely to benefit from mixing other basic fruit flavors, such as Watermelon, with these ‘spicier’ flavors to try and balance them out or make them more enjoyable to taste and vape!

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Blue Moo, Cola, and Orange Cream Bar seem to be very popular, tasting strongly similar to soda pop and ice-cream flavors! Cherry-limeade is fairly popular, and morning vape is not a bad choice either. Dependent upon level of harshness you desire, often mixing a few milliliters with one another does the trick, as well as letting your vape juice ‘steep’ for a bit before using it first.

Lastly, Mango has been a big hit as well, created by Mt. Baker. It’s worth mentioning that upon request, Mt. Baker will send you vape juices of a pure flavor individually if requested, and dependent upon availability and combining flavor, can add or remove menthol flavoring with each request or order.

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10 thoughts on “Mtbakervapor eliquid user reviews coupon 5 10 off code free shipping

  1. Buggs5347

    They are a good company. I loved their RY4 – after it steeped a couple of weeks. Banana Nut Bread was scrumptious – you’d swear you just ate some. I liked their caramel candy and caramel apple and peach, as well.

  2. lisancentraltx

    I buy the 236 ml of Red Hot Cinnamon 80/20 + 5 flavor shots, Fruit Striped Gum 80/20 + 5 flavor shots, Chocolate Mint 80/20 + 5 flavor shots, Extreme Ice 80/20 + 5 flavor shots, and have 4 more sitting here that need to steep. These juices have been ordered repeatedly and are the ones I keep coming back to. I have usually gotten them in the mail and had them vapable immediately, but they must have had to make them up for the order this time or something. I’ve got an Albino Drake 80/20 + 5 flavor shots, Pastel Sour 80/20 + 5 flavor shots, Sour Yum 80/20 + 5 flavor shots, and the newly named Zebra Striped Gum 80/20 + 5 flavor shots steeping and have high expectations. I always order the max on flavor and have always come back to them for the larger bottles once I find something that I like. They sent a 30ml sample of Banana 80/20 + 5 flavor shots which is very good even though I don’t like banana LOL I’ve mixed it with my chocolate mint for a tasty treat 😛

    Hawk sauce was recommended, but it’s been out, so I am waiting for an update to order it.

  3. jizzles

    Peach Rings
    The peach flavor came out after steeping but it lost most of the sour kick to it. It was still a good vape but it was more of a candy peach taste.

    Spring Break
    The flavor stayed the same and is still a good vape.

    Wine Blush Chablis
    I haven’t vaped this since I first got it. I tried it last night and it was nice. This time around I felt it had a great taste similar to its name. Not an adv but its nice to have every now and then for a different taste.

    Haven’t touched it. It smells a little creamy but doesn’t remind me of anything like cheesecake.

  4. Mark Anthony

    I am fairly new to vaping but have many friends who are “veterans”. One of whom introduced me to Mt Baker. I have ordered juice, my new Innokin MVP 2.0 and several tanks. Their service is bar none fantastic. I normally receive my orders within 2 days… I live in Pennsylvania and they are in the state of Washington. Their juice is mixed to order and very low cost but not very low quality.

  5. Geoffrey Brown

    I have purchased from many different venders,but always come back to Mt. Baker! Why? Because in my opinion they are the best for juice,prices,and service. I have paid twice as much for other so-called high end juices that just didnt come close to being as good as Mt. Baker. So I will stay where I know I will get good product and prices! It dont get any better folks!!!!!

  6. Decimate

    At this point I’ve tried a LOT of e-liquid. I had heard about mt baker and tried them before but never thought to order from them up until about a month ago. I had had hawk sauce before in my zamplebox on thought it was excellent. So I made my first order through them, got 3 different kinds but they weren’t my cup of tea. Even after steeping I just did not care for them and went back to one of my usual vendors. It seems that particular vendor I went to does not have very good quality control, because I got some juices (same mix, same nic level etc) that did not taste like the ones I liked. So I was like you know what.. I’ll just give mt baker another shot. Wow I love ALL of these juices. Maybe I just made a bad choice on flavors the first time, but these blew me away. This order contained a 50ml of hawk sauce, a 15ml of sour yum, a 15ml of green apple and a 15ml of rainbow sherbet.. and a 30ml of blueberry for my sister who just started vaping. They are all spot on. I am vaping some of the sour yum in my kayfun right now and the taste is awesome. I don’t understand how they managed to capture sourness in an e-liquid, but they did. Tastes just like a sour watermelon candy. The green apple tastes just like apple. Hawk sauce is an obvious good flavor, can’t pinpoint exactly what it is but it tastes like a smooth berry to me. The rainbow sherbet is pretty spot-on as well. My sister really likes the blueberry, it’s kept her off the cigs for a while now. We just made an order this last friday, getting some more Hawk Sauce and I tried the “custom flavor” out, hopefully that is very good.

    Their online customer service is also very good, if you have a question a little box with a messenger system pops up and someone is with you almost instantly.

    Overall great company imo. I’ve seen people talk bad about their e-liquids saying their cheap and stuff.. But I honestly prefer their juices over the whole 5 pawns line that I just recently tried. Props to them for great prices and good e-liquid.

  7. joanne

    Love Mt Baker. I like that you can customize to your taste with extra shots and love that you can purchase in large size RY4, thug juice and banana gone nuts 50/50 mix my favorite. Great Vape, Great flavor and great price.

  8. Azihe

    Mount Baker Vapor is the cheapest e-juice that is still any good, imo. $7.50 for a 30 ml bottle of your choice of nicotine and pg/vg ratio is pretty solid.

    There is a reason why almost everyone buys from Mount Baker at some point or another.

  9. zandelda

    Just got my Mount Baker order. Wow, OMG, Wow! The smell blew me away so I knew I had to hurry and vape them.
    All of my juices are 3mg nic, 50/50 vg pg and 2 extra flavor shots.

    Bananas Foster – tastes good straight out of the mailbox. Slight banana taste on the inhale (tastes more like real bananas or banana chips, which I prefer, than banana candy.) the taste I’m getting on exhale is a nutty, brown sugar taste. I know this needs to steep to bring all of the true flavors to the surface and I’m waiting to taste the rum. Lol

    Sticky Bun- tasted a perfumy taste on the inhales and a nice caramel taste on the exhales. Didn’t get cinnamon or icing flavors so I know I’ll have to let this juice steer awhile.

    Black Clove -didn’t like this at all when I tried it. Will steep for a week and try it again.

    Strawberry Kiwi -my free sample which I haven’t tried yet but it smelled fantastic!

  10. Mars01

    The quality you get for the price and customer service is hard to beat. EC Blend is very comparable in price and the same if not better quality though, and believe it or not, an even bigger selection of flavors.

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