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Vapor4life Titan e-cig kit

Available in 12 different colors, the Titan is a primal product designed with modern technology, dynamic safety features, and is an aggressive competitor, weighing in at only $30.00 USD!

The Microprocessor-technology that comes with the Titan is especially designed to handle constant 4.2 volt hits, which is a nice addition to a total vaping-experience, without sub-ohming and risking damage or burnt taste and damaged coils. It even comes with a specialized case, which is a pretty nice way to protect your product, and gain a totally premium experience! Customers are especially confident in buying the Titan as it comes with a 90 day factory warranty, with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Best E-liquid Flavors


With vegetable-oil only based vape e-juices, you really get a bang for your buck, and don’t have to worry about coughing or undesirably harsh throat-hits. VG Cafe Mocha E Juice is an awesome place to start if you’re a coffee lover and enjoy a chocolate BLAST! This flavor delivers good throat hits, and even direct lung-hits if you’re dripping or sub-ohming.

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Want to give your taste-buds the ultimate berry experience? With blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry, this e-juice flavor is reportedly SPECTACULAR and delivers as promised all of these ‘berriful’ flavors. Cut as a 60/40 juice, you can use your imagination to appreciate how genuine and premium-grade this e-juice flavor is, and it also opens up the door for you to mix other flavors in with it should you be feeling lucky.

Make sure to try Forbidden Frozen Apple, and Candy Crash to really sweeten up the experience. Candy Crash tastes comparable to Skittles or Starburst, and Frozen Apple is reinforced with a tad hint of menthol to wrap up the total apple experience. If you’re feeling like really exploring unique flavors, consider giving Doc Popular, and Red Energy E and expose yourself to beverage-based e-juice flavors maximizing your cloud, taste, and vaping experience.

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