Smoktech ZMAX V1, V2, V3 review (battery life, vapor pruduction, problems)

Smoktech ZMAX ecig mod

Smoktech has done it again. They brought in another product which not only meets the eye but also performs like champion. After bringing Vmax to the light, the developers have got Zmax in. It can be called a variable voltage device “The Updated Vmax” if you would like. It has some major notable improvement but to me it seemed that it inherited a couple of quirks along the way. The functions are just like Vmax. There is one button which fires the atomizer but pressing it 5 times gets into the menu. The menu has voltage up down button, power on/off, checks the battery life etc.

The notable improvement has been in Menu 7 where the facility of changing between a Variable power device and Variable Voltage device has been ensured. So I can easily switch between atomizers and customizers of various resistances. Another improvement from the Older Vmax is that there is a safety measure. The voltage of the device returns to 3 Volts when changing the battery. All the changes are saved in a memory even if the battery is not in the slot.

What amazes me is that I can use two batteries at the same time without worrying too much. The standard battery is a single 18650 which is shorter than its earlier version (the 18350). But the twist lies in the end cap. It is slightly longer so it allows to use two 18350 batteries. This is probably the first product which has allowed one and two battery configurations. The top cap has improvements all over. It has a deeper recess and the bottom one has a vent hole just to be safe.

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With all these positive aspects there is one tiny glitch as well. Like its ancestor, the Zmax cannot provide us with accurate voltage update. It always shows higher volt when it sets a lower limit. Same thing happens in power monitoring also you are vaping at 8 watts but it feels 9 watts. But overall there has been a major change in this Smoktech product an easy 8.25 out of 10.

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