Vivi Nova tank system review


A Viva Nova tank is the best product in the market of E-Cigs has now handed down. This tank comes with a full tank with a head and another two refill heads to boost. Let me tell you that it comes similar to the Stardust set up and the wicks with coils around them. They can be either good or bad ones. You just need to unscrew the head to replace with a new one and the tank is based on a 510 system, anything can be attached to it.

The package came with 2 atomizers and the heads were of 2.4, 2.8 and 1.8 Ohm of power. The juice was about 3.5 mils. For a moderate smoker like me, it is a great amount of juice. The vapor production with the heads at 4.2 Volts is awesome. The product is very quiet and tanks are made of steel. So it gives sturdiness to the tank. The tank is attachable to anything so it’s virtually great. Although I have heard from some users that this does not vapor well but personally, I have not had such issues till now.

One thing users complain about is the leakage of the tanks that they use. But for Vivi Nova, this is not the case. The tanks don’t leak here. No matter what you do not even a drop comes out. This tank is super cool. You can turn this into anything that you want to do with it. For some of the others though, the tank heads and the wicks were a fool. But with the proper heads it is a smoking bliss. There have been issues of dry hits and hits are not as good as they are expected for people. Probably, they had issues with the heads. The taste of the vapor was like a forest fire for some. But with sympathy to them, mine works perfectly and because of the tank I’d give it a standout 8.

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