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Eleaf iStick Temperature Control/Variable Watt 60W Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Temperature Control function prevents coil overheating and burnt hits. Wattage: 1.0 – 60.0 W in 0.1 watt increments, Temperature: 200 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit,

E-Liquid brands: SmokEjuice, SmokEjuice Blue, Hooligans, DeKang, Hangsen, Beard Vape Co.

E-juice flavors: blueberry, Beach Smoothie Juice, Caramel Apple Juice, tobacco, USA mix, almond, caramel, coffee, vanilla, banana, chocolate, T5, Cigar and other.

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5 thoughts on “ user reviews coupon 5 10 20 off promo code free shipping

  1. Charlie C

    I was pleasantly surprised today by good old fashioned customer service.

    I called ‘Orion’ from Smoktek here in Florida regarding a faulty product I received and he just decided to ship me a new one immediately; not even waiting for me to ship the faulty one first!
    Perhaps a leap of faith but whatever it is he sure knows a thing or two about looking after a customer.

    I should point out that I have never gotten bad service from Smoktek; today’s service was just served up with a little extra TLC.

    Vapers, look after the vendors that look after you.
    It’s a two way street….

  2. John Top

    I ordered several juices from SmokTek along with an order from Hoosier, The SmokTek order arrived the 31st (both orders shipped on the 29th,) in between the holiday closures. Interesting because while ST is in FL, while Hoosier is right next door to me. The package arrived safe and sound, and was everything I was looking for (juice and carto-cleaner/syringe). A+

    However… instead of two vinyl tube as listed on the ad page, one was vinyl, the other was surgical tubing. Doesn’t bother me much though because I know the flexibility of the tubing is going to make it better than the vinyl one. This is the only reason why the order is an A instead of an A+.

  3. brhollifield

    Just wanted to give a shout out and props to Smoktek, I ordered a VAMO and some juice from them yesterday and it arrived promptly and in good shape today! Good job Smoktek and thank you!

  4. kuritaro9

    just thought i would stop by and say thank you for the great customer service i just received by Orion. i had ordered a particular piece, and was mistakenly shipped the wrong item, but a couple hours after i had sent a RMA in, i had a response, and the proper item shipped out. being in japan, and doing 99.9% of my shopping online, whenever i have a great customer service experience, i feel obliged to let people know, because there are a lot of companies out there who couldnt care less about taking care of actual customers but you guys really took care of what i needed. i know it sounds like im brown nosing here, but i feel that quality deserves to be recognized.
    again, thank you for the outstanding way everything was handled.

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