How To Select The Best Herbal Vaporizer For Your Needs

herbal vaporizer

From 2015 to 2016 the sale of vaporizer cartridges increased by 400 percent. Obviously, people understand the benefits of vaping over smoking tobacco cigarettes.

But over the last few years, the use of vaporizers has taken over the cannabis world. Many people are now choosing to use an herbal vaporizer to smoke cannabis products.

Like tobacco, researchers and doctors have found that vaping cannabis is healthier than using a flame. That’s why many patients who use medicinal marijuana use vaporizers to discreetly consume cannabis.

There are several vaporizer styles on the market right now. Depending on your needs, you will need to buy the type that suits your lifestyle.

Let’s check out your options.

Portable Vaporizers

These are super convenient and some of the most popular on the market today. If you use an herbal vaporizer frequently, this is probably the style for you.

These are also great if you’re constantly on the go. Portable vapes are small and pack up easily. They can fit snuggly in bags or in your pocket.

Many come with temperature control, which will affect the taste of your herbal product. You can also choose between convection and conduction heating.

If you want a device that functions well and is easily portable, this is the style for you.

Pen Vaporizers

Also called vape pens, these are the smallest of all vaporizers on the market. As the name implies, this is an herbal vaporizer that’s only the size of a pen.

If you’re concerned with discretion, this is the product for you. The design basically consists of a battery, chamber, and mouthpiece. Vape pens can easily be carried in your pocket and no one will know it’s there.

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These are the most affordable vaporizers on the market. One drawback is they don’t have as many features as other devices. You won’t be getting temperature control and many are not as powerful as other vaporizers.

There are currently only a few vape pens that can handle a dry herbal product. Keep this in mind when making a purchase.

Pen vaporizers only use convection heat, so be careful you don’t overheat your product and have to buy more. If you do, Dope Mail provides medical cannabis delivery in Canada.

If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive and discreet product, go with a vape pen.

Desktop Vaporizers

These are the exact opposite of pen or portable devices. Desktop vaporizers are larger and meant to be kept at home.

This style delivers the highest quality vaping experience. They’re designed with precise heat controls and distribution.

Desktop vaporizers can be used in private or for group vape sessions. You can get them with silicone attachments and balloons for sharing.

They require an electrical outlet and are best for in-home use only.

Because of their dimensions, they aren’t as popular. But if you’re seeking quality over convenience, this is your best bet.

Get an Herbal Vaporizer That Works for You

Now that you know your options, you probably know exactly what will work for your lifestyle. If you want versatility, get one of each style.

If you’re just getting into vaping and e-cigs, you may also want to invest in an e-cig starter kit.

Otherwise, if you have any questions about the styles listed in this article. please drop us a comment below.

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